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Application for Driving Instructor

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To be an instructor, you will need the following Qualifications.

Preliminary Qualifications

• Be 19 years of age or older

• Hold a valid, regular (non-probationary) driver license that is valid for the classes in which the instructor will provide training

• Have 2 years of licensed driving experience

• Have a satisfactory driving record.

• If ever licensed outside of Wisconsin, review a driver record abstract from each state

WI Stat 343.62(4) (a) 3 WI Stat 343.62(4) (a) 8

A person’s driving record shall not be considered satisfactory to hold an instructor’s license if that person:

• Has accumulated more than 6 demerit points during a 1-year period as determined by the department. The department shall deny the instructor’s license until one-year lapses from the date of the most recent violation

that resulted in the person’s accumulation of more than 6 demerit points.

• Has been involved in 2 or more accidents in a 1-year period where the crash report indicates that such person may have been causally negligent. If there is no traffic citation resulting in a conviction associated with the crash, the person is not considered negligent.

• Has had his or her operator’s license revoked, suspended or cancelled for a traffic violation other than a parking violation, at any time during the past 4 years, based on the conviction date or upon the effective date of the withdrawal of operating privileges, whichever is earlier. WI Admin Code Trans 105.03(1)


• Must pass all required examinations: instructor test, knowledge test, oral test, road test and medical exam.

Proof of passing examinations must be submitted. For additional information see: Licensing Instructors – examinations

• Provide a social security number or an affidavit stating that the applicant does not have a social security number WI Stat 343.62(4) (a) 6

• Satisfactorily complete 40 clock hours of classroom instruction in a safety and driver education as given by an approved driving school instructor training program WI Admin Code Trans 105.07(5)

• Does not have a disqualifying conviction according to the Driver School Owner(s)/Manager(s) and Instructor(s) background check (addendum H) WI Stat 343.62(4) (a) 9 WI Admin Code Trans 105.035


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